What’s The Point?

For a while now I have been collecting random thoughts, scriptures, and experiences that have changed the way I think about life and the way I think God thinks about life. These thoughts have piled up on my computer until I finally decided to attempt to write a blog….(something I know nothing about!) I write about everything from life to love to faith to pride and failure. My goal is not to tell you how much I know about life and God or to tell you that I have figured out all of the answers to life’s questions! It’s actually just the opposite- to be transparent with you and hopefully encourage others to be transparent. Because no one really has it all figured out.

Who’s It For?

This blog is for anyone who struggles with speaking before thinking or forgiving others & yourself or with failure….for anyone who is looking for hope! It’s for anyone who is looking for someone who can relate to life with you and in your walk with God.

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A Few Random Things About Me

1. Call me Nicole. But sometimes, people call me Carol.

2. I lived my life serving Christ and plan to keep doing that until I meet Him in glory.

3. I love watching Tennessee football.

4. I have a fear of birds.

5. I am silly and ridiculous.

6. I am a college student but one day hope to graduate to Teacher status!

7. I am a jack of many trades but a master of none…including sewing, singing, & playing music.

8. I love to read for pleasure. Yes, this means that I  actually choose to read books (and enjoy doing so) in my spare time. Ha

9. I used to be painfully shy, but have actually grown up to be pretty outgoing. And hilarious, if I do say so myself.

10. My humor can be a bit sarcastic at times…so if you are more of a cut and dry kind of person, this blog may not be for you…..ha. Kidding! If you can handle it, so can I.

11. I love children, teaching, food, traveling, and laughing. Not necessarily in that order.

12. This list started out as “20 Random Things About Me” but was changed to “A Few Random Things About Me” when I couldn’t think of 20 things.

13. I would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment or email me.


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